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Holly Wild

Sydney’s Holly Wild, releases ‘Inside My Head’ - an emotionally charged track with a transparent heart, that channels personal issues into a recognisable, universal theme.

The latest song off her forthcoming EP flaunts a reflective pop sound, intriguing moody and confessional lyrics, gritty electric guitars that takes you on a journey. 

“This is a song about the negative dialogue that goes around in my head, the endless loop telling me that I’m the jack of all trades, but master of none. Chipping away at my self-confidence every day, telling me I’m not good enough.  Its through the comparisons I make and the pressure I put on myself to be successful, that the voice can get really loud." - Holly Wild

Here is what people are saying about Holly Wild:

“Holly Wild is consistently putting together an inspired mix of indie pop that is undeniably original and fresh sounding” We Write about Music

“Everything from the artist’s distinctive vocal style to to captivating and rousing nature of the soundscape and its defiant spirit makes for a track that feels as accessible and radio-ready as it does thoughtful” - Clout Magazine USA

“The Sydney-based singer-songwriter is a storyteller at heart and threads her songs with honest, confessional lyricism resulting in relatable music wrapped up in her instantly catchy pop style” Plastic
Magazine UK

Australian modern sunny and carefree pop singer-songwriter Holly Wild's music is a blend of a pop, electronic, folk, with big melodies and confessional lyrics. She steps in right alongside modern pop songstresses like Maggie Rogers, HAIM, The Aces with a little Betty Who vibes. Her sweet and carefree and sometimes soulful voice cascades over layers of lush guitars, modern synths and cleverly orchestrated background vocals. The instruments and vocals cascade over big drums, infectious loops and rhythms telling stories of heartfelt confessions and inspiration of a woman in search of the good life wanting to make the world a better place for everyone she meets.


Holly's passion is as a storyteller, and her writing is informed by her lifelong quest for spiritual wisdom, her studies of the Kabbalah, and what she calls her superpower, her sensitivity—she’s a deeply empathic writer. “I’ve been into personal growth for as long as I can remember. I want to be the best version of myself, and I want to inspire people around me to be the best versions of themselves, too,” she says. Though her songs can be informed by her personal perspectives, they feel at once universal and broadly resonant of the human condition. 


Over the past several years she's been releasing singles and building towards her debut album.  Wild has been a lifelong musician, but has received a series of setbacks in her journey in music, and as a result was discouraged from actively pursuing her biggest aspiration. “I always had a far off dream of being a singer-songwriter, but I never truly believed in myself."


Several years ago, singer-songwriter Holly Wild’s music teacher told her to take care of her voice.

He said hers was a voice people would be listening to for years to come. 


"That simple thing he said, gave me the courage to fight for my music career,” Holly confesses. 


Over the past several years she's been working on her writing, cowriting with many writers in the industry, all in search of the best songs. Along the way she's been releasing singles and building towards her debut album to be released late 2022. 


Wild, produced by Jon Buscema (Dan Wilson, Baker Grace, EZI), David Arkwright (Bella Porch, Katelyn Tarver) and CCVM CEO and Founder Cari Cole.  It’s a plant-her-flag statement. The album boldly announces a world-class singer with a sleekly modern folk-pop sensibility that fuses courageously confessional folk with adventurous production touches such as sweetly emotive synth textures, sharp pop hooks, and subtle dance-pop beats. 


Holly had an upbringing filled with music and singing. Her father was an amateur musician always playing the Beach Boys and Roy Orbison songs on his acoustic guitar. Holly and her sister were the featured musical entertainment at all family events. Holly’s grandmother, her biggest fan growing up, had a larger-than-life personality, and loved to dance. As a tribute to her, Holly has taken her grandmother’s surname Wild for her music career. Besides honoring her late grandma, the name “Wild” speaks to someone in a pure state, carefree, and unburdened by negative voices. Holly’s music emulates these same qualities.


As a young girl Holly would nurture and explore her musical gifts at school, participating in singing competitions. Yet, despite the early praise, pursuing music as an artist wasn’t encouraged as a career choice.  Slowly, her connection to performing and music became buried underneath career options, moves to London and New York, and a rom-com-like love story where she got married young and pursued having a family. 


Until one day, Holly had an epiphany.  She started writing her own songs and put together a band. 

Holly continued to hone her songwriting craft, eventually earning a bachelor’s degree in music at the Australian Institute of Music. Her latest album is the culmination of a lifetime of longing to pursue music, and it is the opening salvo for a prolific music career. “I now have the confidence and the ability to release something that lives up to my standards,” she says. 


Thinking about her journey, Holly is honest and insightful. She says: “As you get more life experience, you realize life is what you make it. You also learn you can’t wait around for things to happen for you—you have to make things happen.” 

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