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song of the day: 'So Hard to Find'


always savin me the last piece

Last bite of your chocolate treat

Or the last bit of yourself          

Give it up for no one else


Crashin round in the early mornings

Wake me up, and its almost annoying

then you pull me into your arms

that’s my favorite kind of alarm 



And all of this is always on my mind 

But I never tell you and I don’t know why

I don’t know why



so I call up your phone

cause I thought you should know

wanna tell you straight out

and stop speaking in codes

been keeping inside

but there’s no point in hiding 

this beautiful thing we have

is so hard to find

so hard to find   


VERSE 2:  

vintage charm, and your chivalry

my james bond on the silver screen

you hold me close but let me breathe

bringing out the best version of me


so easy to take it for granted

but we have got something  that people are chasing

reminds me how lucky we are

unique kind of love that goes straight to your heart



You’re my endless adventure

You’re the steel in my tower

You’re my morning caffeine

You’re my voice of reason 

You’re my glue when I’m broken

You’re my chosen person

You’re my coach with I crumble

Pick me up when I stumble

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