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Singer Songwriter

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Join the tribe. 
Let me take you on a secret journey all about the music. 
You can download Holly Wild's music,
including bonus unreleased songs

Get a personalised YouTube cover,
dedicated just to you. 
Tell me your favourite song!

I will be creating a PERSONALISED YOUTUBE COVER for one member of my tribe every month.  Send me your song requests! 

When you join my tribe of souls,  you'll also get every upcoming single a FULL WEEK before the rest of the world.   

More than Music

Don't just hear the music, experience it being made.  See the recording process with studio videos, and  access other versions of the songs.


#WildTribe gets exclusive access to go behind the scenes with writing sessions and studio sessions, the rest of the world will never see.

Free Giveaways

Access free music giveaways, and  get your personalised YouTube cover

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