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Day 1: Welcome to the Wildness

I'm so glad you made it!  You're about to step into the wildness, the wildness of my head... where things can get tangled up and twisted, just like out in the wild on a hot summer night jungle walk.  


I want the next 7 days to be a journey of discovery....

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Acoustic Performance

"You're strong but its ok to be weak"

Holly Wild - 'Messy'

About the song

The song I want to show you today is called 'Messy'. We get so distracted by the pressures of life, and we hold it together to protect all the people around us, but sometimes we need permission to let ourselves fall apart.  Being ‘the rock’ that holds everyone together can carry immense pressure.  We need to wear our hearts on our sleeves a little more, and reveal our cracks and what is really hurting us… we need to share the burden with the people close to us, or we threaten to become a ticking time bomb at risk of implosion.  Rather than being strong all the time, let's allow ourselves to get messy, be vulnerable.  Talk about those things keeping you up at night... bear the load together.   

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