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Day 2: Looking back through the rear view mirror

Today we are looking back at the mess we left behind.  Do you ever have the feeling that you could have handled a few situations in your past a little better?  I certainly do.  I shouldn't have just up and left, I should have stayed and cleaned up the mess... then perhaps those memories wouldn't have been such a mess in my head.

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Acoustic Performance

"I wonder if you'd hear me out, or would you walk away, and tell me that you wish we had never met"

Holly Wild - 'Rest of My Life'

About the song

This song looks through the rear view mirror of my life, and there is a confession that situations could have been handled better.  It looks at past relationships that were cast aside, left on the side of the road, like car wrecks.  There is a longing to go back and clean up the mess, but I can’t… because too much time has passed.  The scar lives on in my head and my heart and haunts me in strange moments, because I've left a little piece of myself behind, in every past relationship. 


I know we never resolve the unfinished mess we created when the relationship brakes up, but “I want you to know that I have you stored in a little silver box on a shelf in my heart, and that’s where you will live for the rest of my life. I won’t forget”

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